flexpost rigid

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Rigid Adapter Kit Close-up
Close-up of Laser Cuts

The FlexPost-Rigid is the newest addition to the FlexPost product line. In place of the patented spring FlexPost now offers a rigid adapter. The rigid sleeve has multiple thin diagonal cuts designed to bend at a pivot point. Once struck, the post can be easily pulled back to the upright position. FlexPost-Rigid can easily be transformed to the original FlexPost-Spring. Simply swap the rigid adapter for the spring and voila!

Please call us for pricing and shipping discount on orders of 2+ units (616-928-0829). Ships out in 24-48 hours.

FlexPost Rigid Asphalt Model #RGD-A

Price: $249.99

FlexPost Rigid Concrete Model #RGD-C

Price: $249.99

FlexPost Rigid Ground Model #RGD-G

Price: $249.99

FlexPost Rigid Adhesive Model #RGD-D

Price: $249.99

Upgrade to 8′ Galvanized Post

Price: $22.99