Reduces Mailbox Repairs & Replacements

Tired of damage to your mailbox from snowplows?

Prefer to avoid replacing the entire mailbox every spring?

Wish there was a simple, permanent, and flexible solution?

One that offers 360 degrees of flexibility rather than breaking?

There is!

The FlexMailbox™ from FlexPost!


The FlexMailbox™ consists of a sturdy steel spike and a shock-absorbing spring with a steel post. You can use your existing mailbox (must be between 6″ to 9″ width) or buy our optional steel mailbox (see below for details). At an assembled height of 42″, the FlexMailbox complies with US and Canadian regulations.

The FlexMailbox™ will flex when struck by ice, snow, and other debris. When the snow clears, your post will return to the fully upright position. It also comes with a lifetime limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

“For posts and supports, it’s up to you to keep them neat and adequate in strength and size. Ideally, its assembly should bend or fall away when struck by a vehicle. The Postal Service doesn’t regulate mailbox supports except for purposes of carrier safety and delivery efficiency. It’s also your responsibility to ensure a path is clear to your mailbox so that carriers can safely and efficiently deliver the mail.” – USPS.COM

Mailbox sold separately.

Please call us for pricing and shipping discount on orders of 2+ units (616-928-0829). Ships out in 24-48 hours.

Price: $199.99   Online Special: $149.99

FlexMailbox Asphalt Model #MB-A

Price: $149.99

FlexMailbox Concrete Model #MB-C

Price: $149.99

FlexMailBox Ground Model #MB-G

Price: $149.99

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