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FlexPost Inc. at the 2018 APWA Snow Show

2018 APWA Snow Show

We will be exhibiting at the 2018 American Public Works Association’s (APWA) Annual Snow show in Indianapolis, IN from May 6th-May 8th! This annual conference is the best place to display the newest and best technologies and innovations that keep communities and its people safe!

We will be at Booth #332! Please stop by and say hello! We will be showing off our FlexPost-XL™ and FlexPost-SM™ products to attendees. Hope to see you there!


Snow Show

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FlexPost Inc. at the 2017 MISHE Annual Conference

2017 MISHE Annual Conference

FlexPost Inc. will be attending the Michigan Society for Healthcare Engineering (MISHE) Annual Conference from September 27th-September 28th in Traverse City, Michigan! MISHE aims to build and maintain safe, energy-efficient, and healthy buildings. Healthcare facilities managers, architects, engineers, and suppliers are the key to creating and implementing these strategies. This conference will enable healthcare professionals to network and learn how his or her facility can be improved through innovated technology and strategies!

We will be exhibiting at this conference at Booth #27! We will be introducing our FlexPost-XL™ and FlexPost-SM™ units to conference attendees. Stop by and say hi to us and leave your business card at our booth for a chance to win a free FlexPost® Standard!



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FlexPost Inc. & JMB Manufacturing Partnership

FlexPost Partners with JMB

We at FlexPost Inc. are happy to announce our partnership with JMB Manufacturing! Through this partnership, FlexPost® products will now be available in Australia. We will kickoff our partnership with JMB at the 2017 Parking Australia Outlook show in Sydney, Australia from September 17th-18th! Both of our companies will have our products on display. This parking conference brings together those in parking from all industries and sectors to learn and converse about the newest developments and technologies in parking. We will be displaying with JMB at Booth #7! Stop by and say hello!

JMB Manufacturing

JMB is a premier manufacturer of road safety and car park safety products in Australia. Specializing in spring return products, JMB is able to help businesses reduce parking lot repair costs while protecting drivers and pedestrians. Reduced site attendance and replacement costs, reduced site damage, and increased road safety for pedestrians and workers are just a few benefits or JMB and their products. Portable signage, spring return sign posts, and bollards are among JMB’s product line. Learn more about JMB and their products here.

JMB has a strong commitment to creating environmentally sustainable products. All of the company’s operations comply or exceed current environmental legislation and codes of practice. The reduction of waste and efficient use of all materials, such as water, electricity, transportation mediums, etc, are a top priority at JMB. Everyone from management to employees are trained, educated, and informed on environmental practices and issues. See JMB’s full environmental policy here!

 Flexpost JMB

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FlexPost Inc. at the 2017 IPI Show!

2017 IPI Convention and Expo

FlexPost Inc. will be at the 2017 International Parking Institute show in New Orleans, LA from May 22nd to May 24th! The 2017 IPI Convention and Expo connects over 3000 parking and transportation professionals from 35+ countries with one another. Innovative parking products and services, industry leaders and companies, and much more will be present at this four day long event.

We will be one of the 250+ exhibitors at the IPI show! We will be exhibiting at Booth 1052 showcasing our flexible sign posts and bollards. Our FlexPost-XL™ and FlexPost-SM™ units will be on display as well. Come and say hello to us and leave your business card at our booth for a chance to win a free FlexPost® Standard!

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FlexPost-SM™ & HDPE


Our FlexPost-SM™ product line is composed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Polyethylene, (C2H4)n,is one of the most produced plastics in the world. Trash bags, tubes, and bottles are all created using polyethylene. Specifically, high-density polyethylene is used in milk bottles, children’s toys, and cutting boards. HDPE is stiffer and stronger than other types of polyethylene because of its high crystalline structure. The high crystalline structure results from a lack of branches that allow polymer chains to stick closely to one another during the production process.

Similar to other great discoveries, polyethylene was produced on accident in the late 1800’s. However, mass production and true appreciation of polyethylene would be seen many decades later. During World War II, polyethylene was used secretly as an insulating material for military radar. Over the next few years, the secret of polyethylene got out and was produced commercially. Production and demand grew exponentially due to its strength, impact-resistance, and durability.

HDPE No Logo

How it’s made

Polyethylene is produced by cracking naphtha in crude oil. Cracking is simply using heat to break down hydrocarbons.  Ethylene is released through this heating process. The gas is then liquified and pushed through small holes of a plate. While solidifying, the polyethylene is cut into small pieces that will be eventually melted down to be used in various products. The density of polyethylene can be manipulated by applying varying degrees of pressure during the production process. Higher density polyethylene is created by applying lower pressure while lower density polyethylene results from higher pressure.





Solid polyethylene (Photo Source)




FlexPost-SM™ (HDPE)

The rigid nature of HDPE allows our products to remain light weight yet extremely strong and flexible even after repeated collisions with a vehicle. Our products are able to withstand impacts of up to 60 miles per hour due to the strength and durability of polyethylene. The HDPE in our guideposts and delineator paddles is not only impact-resistant but UV-resistant. This allows our products to remain in direct sunlight without becoming brittle or weak.

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